Thursday, November 17, 2011


Assalamualaikum, and hi guys.
Wishing all of you a cheerful day and weekend ahead.

Just a little sharing.

Day 1

Pixie Studio has been invited to Perjumpaan Usahawan Siswazah dalam Sektor Pakaian & Kecantikan, which is also called NESLO Session by PUNB. We also been given a slot to speak about Penjenamaan melalui Media Sosial, which has been delivered by my partner, the chief executive of Pixie Studio, Mr Pixie.

In the meantime, our photographer aryna took care of Pixie's booth and dealt with incoming customers.

*Pixie Studio booth

And me?

Just as the NESLO session took break, I got a picture with these two lovely director of Mimpikita, the high end fashion label. I heard them a long time ago but then, on that day, I seated just next to Syahira Zulkifli (the one with headscarf). They were there sharing their experience on howMimpikita was set up and how the journey took place. Btw, thank you Cik Syahira kerana sudi melayan I yang banyak tanya ni :) .

As the time passed, we went through networking, and business marketing session.

Picture with Founder of Almas Collection, En. Alfian.

The first day at PUNB was entirely tiring but fun, and full of knowledge sharing. We really hope to gather with the other Prosperians again on the future.

Day 2

It's induction time! And it's the time we've been waiting for! The LO signing! ^^

I also managed to make new friends on the induction, which I could clearly remember as there were only six of us being called on that day. (The most obvious thing to remember was that we eat up the meals provided like, you know, who cares. he)

So Lyna Liyana, if you read up this entry, I'm tagging you in this post :p

So that was what I've been through this week. And right now I'm start missing Malacca, since I've been away for almost 1 week. uhu (-,-)

Last but not least,

if any of you guys is a Prosperian, do let me know okay. I'd love to exchange the knowledge and expertise with you senior Prosperian :)

Till we meet again,

Good nite.


  1. ingat kan neslo air tu~ he. eager nak tahu apa kaitan dgn punb.

  2. Semoga Pixie Studio lebih maju dan berkembang dengan lebih cepat! Gogogo!

    Axiim | The Chosen One

  3. dhiera: I am Prosperian. To be exact Prosper Siswazah, in other word entrepeneur yg dpt fund from PUNB :)

    Axiim: Really hope so, Mr Pixie ^^