Saturday, October 8, 2011

Wedding Preps Part 1

This, is really an exciting entry for me. I can't even wait to pull everything together and because of that, my wedding preparations entries will be written part by part, according to the current preps.

Today is a fairytale (part 1).

I finally got a ring that i've been dreaming for a long long time. All thanks to my fiance for giving me the chance to choose the wedding ring i adore. I can't even express my feeling clearly once he bought me one. I felt like crying inside, for him having me precisely what i wanted and he totally loved it too. All i could say is thank you very much with love fiance

As the moment passed, i realized that we are stepping nearer to the date. And still, we got loads to do. The date? Will reveal it soon once we got everything pull in order. But at least until today, we've checked one item off the list
:) Oh, speaking about the list, i actually didn't make any proper list at all. I don't even choose my theme and colour yet. So, i decided to list some of them here and would beautifully welcome your comments, especially from those ex-B2Bs and B2Bs.

1) Guest Lists
2) Wedding theme & colours
3) Quote for
: wedding package
: catering
: tailoring
: wedding gifts
4) Wedding Card
5) Hantaran
6) Kursus Kahwin
7) Complementary forms and things

So far, this is the list i've been thinking of. Well, i'm sure lot of you B2Bs out there have kind of different list. Would you mind to share some with me?

Until today, i've requested some quotations from paper bag supplier. I know i know, i should think of the theme and colors first, but this, is just too attractive to my
eyes. I found the pillow paper bag from artchetak.

Sweet rite? ^^

I've been obsessed with brown plain paper bag and white doily. They're just awesome! And i'd love to d.i.y. things myself. But to be more cost saving, i searched for some other plain paper bag, kinda like this,

credit to adriani adnan for the last picture above

Oh, and the creative box above is so inspiring, so i put it together in the list. hee. The goreng pisang paper bag is really a cost savvy and pretty, but looks like i need more effort to make it appears cute and pretty as the picture shown. huhu

Some of my friend suggested Nilai 3 for wedding shopping. What say you? Can i found the last brown paper bag over there? Or did you guys know some of retail or wholesale stores selling things like this? I knew one at The Garden, but surely to be costly so that would be a definite no no no. Please please pleeease share with me if you guys know where to search the plain brown paper bags okay? =)

Until the next preparation done, i'll see you later in the next wedding preps part 2. It's Sunday guys, time to lazy-ing around and eat and sleep much. hehe

Salam B2B from me to all B2Bs out there. May our preps be in order okay :)

Assalamualaikum. Daa


  1. so vintage....btw artchetak mmg recommended :)

  2. i totally love vintage concept dear :)
    tula, mmg berkenan dgn pillow bag tu. but nk buat utk all guests quite costly,so maybe utk vip je kut.hehe

  3. anis sayang. kat penang ni, ada kilang paper yang jual brown paper tu dengan harga super-duper murah ok. kalau kat KL pun ada, try search. tak ingat KL tu celah mana. heee

  4. cik tiqah, yg kt kl tu ada jual paperbag yang ada tali pemegang tu ek? tp kl tu byk kedai.huhu..rasa2 kt gm ada x?btw,tqvm for the info.hee