Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wedding Preps Part 2


I've been thinking of palettes and themes for my wedding.

And alhamdulillah i've set my wedding date early next year. Will announce to save the date once everything is confirmed :)

So here's some palette inspirations that crossed my mind and found during searches since a past few days:

I don't precisely know what is the exact palette for the pics above, but what i surely know is that i want the pink - cream/ivory - champagne palette. Since my fiance hardly refused to suit up in pink (or at least a little pink) attire, i've made up some other options to dress in ivory (i hope it's ivory) as below,

Picture credit to Rai BitBitterButter

or maybe in champagne like these bridesmaids wore.

So where's the pink go?
The maid of honour + bridesmaid and the best man :)
Since the honoured would have the pink, thus i'm planning to get my family dressed up in darker colour of my wedding dress.
And hopefully to get the table and tent decors in those palette. Really hope to.

As i browsed through the wedding accessories,
i've found the lace umbrella which is too sweet and match up with my wedding concept : Modern Vintage meets Traditional Melayu (considering my major wedding guests and also the environment - sawah padi you). So here goes the umbrella.

sweet isn't it?
Found at artsywedding and crafio.

Do you still remember my previous post regarding brown paper bag?
Well, seems like they have a new substitute, or could be a complement.

The decorated cookies jar! Sweet! ^^
I've checked 'em out through many sites, but recently on Klikshah Enterprise.

There's still loads of things to be jotted down, but considering i'm not 24/7 working on my wedding preps, i'll put the others on the next entry and time.

If you guys have any idea or recommendation, feel free to jot it down here okay ;)

Till the next entry, Assalamualaikum and good nite.

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