Sunday, October 16, 2011

Treatment through Al-Quran

Just a quick sharing,

I found this through knowledge reading, which is an alternative for medical solution.

And also for those who might need alternative help for health and self solutions.

From Al-Quranul Karim,

1) Asy-Syuaraa , no surah 26
Baca dari ayat 95-118

2) An-Nahli , no surah 16
Baca dari ayat 76-91

3) Al-A’raaf , no surah 7
Baca dari ayat 52-67

quoted from

The surah above are intended to treat sihir patient. Browse through the site as they provide much more solutions based on the diseases.

You may not know when you need this, but my advice, never forget to live according to His orders, and never let your guard down especially when you are in the middle of building something precious, your mosque, your marriage. And also your empire of success.

Last but not least, hold your faith and trust Allah,

kerana sehebat mana ilmu yang ada, kuasa Allah tiada tandingnya.
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  1. hamzah ian, sama-sama..moga ilmu ysng bermanfaat dpt digunakan bersama ya..