Friday, December 16, 2011

Churp Churp means extra moneeey! :D

Hi guys and lovely girls,

I was driven to make this entry since i read my fellow B2B 2012 post about Churp Churp.

Comei la pulak nama churp churp tu.

Btw, I'm just a newbie in churp-churp, but been as Glitterati in Nuffnang for quite a long time ago. Sadly I had nil on my earnings there, so why not try Churp Churp kan? Thanks to Nurazreena Mohd Yusof in B2B 2012 group for sharing this Churp Churp info.

So basically,

Churp Churp is a community that rewards influencers like you for sharing messages on the latest updates, campaigns and events. How do they reward us? Okay, once you've signed up, you just need to share or spread the messages featured by Churp Churp to your social media friends. Some campaigns pay you by unique click and some by deal succeeded.

So if you'd like to earn more on unique click, you have to generate more traffic to your site. For me, it's all like probability concept. The more you put in, the higher the probability unique click will be generated :D (pardon me if i'm wrong, i'm just nobody but a newbie)

As for now, I did more on social sharing in which I choose the campaign I like and share it to my friends on facebook, twitter and blog (macam sekarang. nk ajak you all sign up so that kita boleh earn money ramai2 :D)

So if you guys want to know more and earn much from Churp Churp,

lets click the picture or link below and sign up as a Churper (oh my, cute nya nama :D) :

So what ya waiting for?

Lets be a Churper and earn extra income now! ;)

p/s: Especially for B2B out there, this could help you a lot! :D

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