Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Hectic Week

Well well, i always do personal blogging when i'm sleepy and tired (really am). You know what, i hardly can fall asleep if i got too tired the whole day. So rather than staring at the blank white and green wall, i guess it's better to write up something that (usually) make me sleep easier after that. (and obviously warm milk didn't work on me).

the whole day before got me lots of excitement. With unexpected business schedule, my business (and life) partner and i went to the KL central for business appointment. As for me, i thought it will be the casual appointment at first, but then it went into more deep conversation and of course lead to the next stage of our business plan. Happy la of course! But =.=' , remembering the things i've to prepare for such an instant plan, OMG.. (@,@) maybe i should take the caffeine for 2 days in a row.hu

it's good to be back at home again. Oh, i mean my another rented home at Malacca. But the thing is this is the week of traveling man!I've got to go to KL again and then back to Malacca for business appointment and wedding invitation+s. How i wish KL is just at the back of my house at Malacca and Perak is just next to Malacca. It's so tiring to drive and travel to different places in a day and within a week.

enough. I think i've gained the sleep power (yeayness!) + hungry mode (no wayy!) back. It's really time to sleep :O

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Good nite, sweet dream+s,sleep tight,



  1. Teruskan usaha sehingga berjaya, capai dan genggam impianmu itu :)

  2. thanks, bila bk blanje mr Pixie makan subway hehe