Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dance, dance & dance! :D

Hey hey, whassup guys? Hope you're doing good in this holy Ramadhan.
Nothing much to say actually, just want to express my joy and remembering joyful memories back to my early years when i was a kid and young teenager (okay, now i have to admit that i'm in an early year to be an adult).haih~

Btw2, it seems like now my lil sister and i tend to share the same interest. and natural talent,maybe? :D

It took me times to realize that she was really sooo into dance, back then just like i was when i was at my primary school. And now, she keeps reminding me about dancing when she watched the dance crew talent show and (and she got into street dance too?) oh well, not exactly, but just into the Step Up movie.

Well, i do heart dancing. Really. I've been in the culture dance class since i was 8, if I'm not mistaken. But then i stopped. Not so remember what the reason was, but after that, i didn't dance until, urm, i left my boarding school, i guess. (you know they didn't had that kind of things there). Then i joined a group on my college year but for your surprise, it was not a dance group. But i was lucky as they did it to a special national event and i was sooo happy!

As for now, I've stopped being or intended to be in a serious dance group. Even I've ever thought to join Aswara back then. But, okay, it was just a thought. Hee. I'm just hoping that one day, i could dance again with someone whose meant to me, someone i love.

Well dear sister, maybe you should be part of the professional dance group and continue my sweet dream? Who knows you could do even better than me, right?

Okay, so i guess I've finished remembering those things now. And I'd like to have my new sweet dream now. Till we meet again, good nite guys.

Living with memories are good, but living within memories sometime could blind your heart from seeing the precious things around you.

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