Monday, September 26, 2011


Okay, i shall make it short for this entry as i have to study the proposal projection and make an immediate prep for it. Just before my partner and i finished our business trip today, we got a call from -(couldn't be revealed yet)- asking us to present the projection THIS Thursday. Okay, i realized that i have only 2 days more to study and rehearse, but still gatal nak blogging.

To make it short, i am currently running on business plan presentation to expand my business with partner since 2009. So it really takes a lot of effort to sum them up into a summary and by doing it ourselves, yeah, trust me. Lucky me to have a degree in Accountancy. Now i really appreciate my hard time studying back then, as i could write down all the business things in real life on my own effort, and now it's been proceed to the next stage! Syukur :')

Btw, jangan nak excited sangat lah iwaniz. It's not been fully approved yet. So i promised myself to do the hardest work this time as this is the most important thing in my business life cycle. Oh, and i promised myself this will be just a short entry. So till we meet again on the next title, and wish me luck for my presentation guys!

P/s: will share the business-things later okay :)

Sekian, assalamualaikum.

Jangan takut untuk berlari, jangan takut untuk mengejar mimpi, kerana hanya kita yang tahu kemampuan diri, dan apa yang mampu kita miliki.

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